How to set up the ultimate camp kitchen

Setting up a mini-kitchen in your campsite area will really give you that ‘home away from home’ feeling when on the road. Keep your food organised and safe from insects by storing packaged items in zippered pantries and wash up in hidden sinks to save on space. Our range of kitchen and storage products are here to help make your ‘camp’ life a little easier.

Camp Kitchen with Sink

If you are looking for a free-standing unit that allows you to prep, cook, clean and store dry goods all at the same time, the Camp Kitchen with Sink is it. The integrated wind guard not only allows for fuss-free stovetop cooking, but it can also be removed to uncover a hidden sink for easy washing up.   

Folding Table with Storage

The Folding Table with Storage is great if you are looking to set up a smaller kitchen area thanks to the multi-purpose design. Use as a pantry and preparation bench or, simply remove the storage pockets for a complete dining table. 

Deluxe Cupboards

Investing in a Deluxe Cupboard may be the best thing you will ever do when it comes to creating the ultimate camp kitchen. Mesh doors with zips allow you to store your dry goods or fruit safely from insects and critters. The best part? Each shelf has an 8kg weight rating and is removable, allowing you to fit larger items.

Fridge Stand

By placing your fridge/freezer or cooler on a stand you are protecting it from potential puddles or mud in bad weather, creepy crawlies and will save you from having to continually bend down when grabbing food and drinks. Another handy addition to your campsite kitchen.