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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Is your dad someone who seems to have everything? Does he wave you off and say, “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything” when you ask him want he wants for Christmas, his birthday or Father’s Day? If you said yes, you are probably in the same boat as everyone else reading this blog, including us. And while we have to appreciate dads low-maintenance personality, this is not helpful when we’re trying to pick out the perfect present! That’s why we have come up with 10 Father’s Day gift ideas that will not only make your lift a little easier, but also make the outdoorsmen in your father proud.

RV Statesman Sun Lounge

From camping to the back patio, the RV Statesman Sun Lounge is the perfect chair for dads who love to nod off anywhere and everywhere. The premium chair reclines and locks into any position and has a padded seat and back rest for added comfort.

25 Watt 12V Comet Campsite Light

Perfect for lighting up the whole campsite or for activity specific use like fishing and off-road recovery, the Comet Campsite Light is a cool piece of gear. The 5 meter long power cord lets you extend the light to where you need it, and the variable dimmer switch allows for light diffusion. There are also Velcro fasteners for securing, and a sand spike for easy off vehicle mounting.

Mitchell Discovery King Single Swag

If you feel like plashing a little extra cash this year why not treat dad to the ultimate man cave, a swag. All he needs is a cooler and a fishing rod, and he is set for the next ‘boys weekend away’.

Cotton Canvas Mega Hooded -12C Sleeping Bag

We know dads are tough and often wear shorts in the middle of winter, but nothing says I love you like a warm hug – which is exactly what the Cotton Canvas Mega Hooded Sleeping Bag does. Help the ol’ guy get a good nights’ sleep this winter and treat him to a new, cosy sleeping bag. *Fits in most popular swags.

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Choosing A Camp Bed


Are you someone who struggles to get a good night of rest when camping? Uncomfortable? Too hot or freezing cold? Sleeping in a tent (or in the outdoors for that matter) can definitely take some getting used to but with the right bedding, you may be able to create the ultimate snooze-zone for you to nod off in.

A part of selecting the right bedding is knowing a little about where and when you will be going into the outdoors, as different styles can suit certain situations and climates better. 


Stretchers are an ideal sleeping option for many reasons. They not only elevate you off the cold, damp ground, they protect you from sharp rocks, sticks and any creepy crawlies. Unlike some bedding, stretchers can be used all year round. The airflow beneath the bed allows you to stay cooler in summer and for those winter trips, simply place a self-inflating or foam mattress on top to create a barrier from you and the cool breeze. The Easy Fold Stretcher is a comfortable, sturdy and totally fuss-free option – set up literally takes 10 seconds! 

Air Mattress

If you are looking for home-like comforts and have a decent sized tent, an air mattress may be just for you. The Single Height Velour Air Mattress offers reliability and comfort at an affordable price. Special air zones absorb and disperse movement to avoid disturbing others while the boxed wall with inner coil construction provides proper back support. Most air mattresses will fit Australian standard size bed linen. Tip: During winter, a blow-up air mattress may work against you as there is nothing but cold air between you and the ground, allowing the coolness of winter to pass straight through.

Bunk Bed

Does your tent often feel cluttered and unorganized when camping with the whole family? If you said yes, you may want to consider investing in bunk beds! Featuring an anti-tip design and top bunk guard rails, the Deluxe Double Bunk Bed is not only a big space saver, but it also provides a safe, comfortable nights’ sleep for the kids. The best part? As the little ones get older you can unstack the bunk to create two individual stretchers.

Self-Inflating Mat

Camp mats like the Nomad Bonded range are the perfect blend of lightness, comfort and quality, making them ideal for those little weekend getaways. With a twin, self-inflating valve system, inflating and deflating your mat has never been quicker or easier. Their compact size also makes them great space savers when transporting! Tip: Place onto a stretcher in winter for a more comfortable, warm nights’ sleep.

Premium Camp Bed

The RV Rhino Bed is a little bulkier than other camp beds but will certainly ensure you have a snug, restful nights’ sleep thanks to the super-soft, (removable) high-density foam padding. Ideal for those looking to spend more than a few nights in one spot or for use as a spare bed at home.

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How to set up the ultimate camp kitchen


Setting up a mini-kitchen in your campsite area will really give you that ‘home away from home’ feeling when on the road. Keep your food organised and safe from insects by storing packaged items in zippered pantries and wash up in hidden sinks to save on space. Our range of kitchen and storage products are here to help make your ‘camp’ life a little easier.

Camp Kitchen with Sink

If you are looking for a free-standing unit that allows you to prep, cook, clean and store dry goods all at the same time, the Camp Kitchen with Sink is it. The integrated wind guard not only allows for fuss-free stovetop cooking, but it can also be removed to uncover a hidden sink for easy washing up.   

Folding Table with Storage

The Folding Table with Storage is great if you are looking to set up a smaller kitchen area thanks to the multi-purpose design. Use as a pantry and preparation bench or, simply remove the storage pockets for a complete dining table. 

Deluxe Cupboards

Investing in a Deluxe Cupboard may be the best thing you will ever do when it comes to creating the ultimate camp kitchen. Mesh doors with zips allow you to store your dry goods or fruit safely from insects and critters. The best part? Each shelf has an 8kg weight rating and is removable, allowing you to fit larger items.

Fridge Stand

By placing your fridge/freezer or cooler on a stand you are protecting it from potential puddles or mud in bad weather, creepy crawlies and will save you from having to continually bend down when grabbing food and drinks. Another handy addition to your campsite kitchen.